Hammond Engineering has 5 CNC machines. - 2-axis CNC lathe - 5-axis CNC lathe - 6-axis CNC lathe with twin spindle and twin turrets - Two 4-axis Machining Centers We offer a great range of capabilities using a variety of sizes and materials. Job capabilities vary from bulk, repeat production lathe work to intricate 4-axis milling.

Our Story

Hammond Engineering is a young business focused on high quality, accurate CNC machining.
Our services include CAD, CNC milling (4-axis), CNC turning (6-axis), and manual turning. Design, engineering, and production services are available. Catering for your engineering needs from small batches, prototypes, and once-off creations to large and repeat production runs. We use a variety of materials to meet your business needs. Our online store offers CNC machined parts to enhance the looks, performance, and protection of your car or motorbike.

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For custom orders and queries contact us online or by phone or come visit us at our factory in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland.
Open Hours
Monday thru Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Online Store

We have an online store running some of our most popular items check it out here